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Virtual Tasting - Thursday May, 28th

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The structure of vintage across grape varieties through the top guns of 2017

Some wines will spellbind you. It's not our fault.

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It’s a funny thing wine – it can be easily understood as a simple and straightforward entity, if you so choose; and yet that simple thing, as old as civilization, has resisted human attempts at its complete understanding for millennia. That being said, if there’s one incontrovertible truth about wine, it must be that it is an inexhaustible subject. It encompasses so many areas of inquiry; there’s a multitude of topics woven within it, and such an immense number of questions. And of course, to the frustration of many, very few of these questions have a straight answer.

Virtual Tasting - Thursday May, 14th

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The King is in the Building - Cabernet Franc

Virtual Tasting - Thursday May, 7th

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In the Lap of the Riesling Gods

Virtual Tasting - Thursday April, 30th

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Vibrance and the Pleasure of Drinking Young Wines

Virtual Tasting - Thursday April, 23rd

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Chardonnay through the Pearl Morissette Prism

The Windmills Of Our Minds

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Long-time readers of our newsletter know that it almost always tends to be contemplative - more so of a letter sharing what our wines have been evoking in us, how we see them or how they've surprised us - and, of course, the latter happens more often than not. We want to continue this tradition here and hope you are curious to learn about how we view these ever-changing wine characters and what's the inspiration behind the birth of each.