Pearl Morissette


In this parcel of Niagara, we honour authenticity in everything we do.

In wine, in food, and in life.

There is no dogma.

There is no premeditated outcome.

We take a pragmatic approach in seeking what nature has intended.

Which is why these wines are based less on what we do,

and more on what we don’t do.


Winemaking that is so conventional it has become unconventional.

We don’t imitate. We don’t emulate.

Through a process of exploration and experimentation, we produce limited quantities of quality wine that reveal the beauty of our Niagara wine region.

Like any craft, a great discipline is knowing when to do nothing at all. With this in mind, we remain very hands-off with low levels of intervention. Our job is to guide the wine as opposed to fixing the wine. Our grapes are carefully hand-picked solely on the basis of skin maturity. This approach enables each grape to impart its unique character in every glass.

Le Vigneron

François Morissette doesn’t make wine for Ontario. He makes wine for the world, especially for those who appreciate his approach of minimal-intervention, purity, and low sulphur.

Morissette is classically trained, having worked on the Grand Cru terroirs of Frédéric Mugnier of Chambolle Musigny, Christian Gouges of Domaine Henri Gouges, and Jean-Marc of Domaine Roulot. Further oenological training was also undertaken at L’Université de Dijon.

He attempts to uncover the inherent nature of each and every vintage. The result of this focused dedication is a selection of wines that speak for themselves. At Pearl Morissette, no two wines are ever the same.


At Pearl Morissette, every wine is a journey. Here is where we ended up.

"The imagination of man can never equal the imagination of nature."

- R. Feynman

Taste & 


Taste & Experience

One of our deepest joys at Pearl Morissette is sharing our wines with our customers, telling the stories behind each of these bottles and meeting on a face-to-face, glass-to-glass basis. It is in this spirit, we’re thrilled to announce that our tastings are back - all reservations can be booked here.

While we don't have a retail store on-site, we're happy to accommodate orders via phone, email, and our online shop. Alternatively, you can pick up your favourite bottles after a wine-tasting experience or dining reservation. You can also find our wine at our newly launched brick & mortar, RPM Bakehouse, located at 3839 Main Street in Jordan Village.

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Upcoming Comparative Virtual Tastings

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This is our beloved chestnut tree -

possibly the oldest tree of the area.

We will do whatever it takes to make

sure that this tree outlasts us.

One must search to discover great wine.
The same can be said for our vineyard.

With limited road signs, the vineyard can be elusive.

Should you encounter difficulty getting here, just call.

If it helps, our latitude is 43.161729 and our longitude is -79.360134.

Don’t like asking for directions? If in doubt, look for the black buildings
or the red cardinal (a large sculpture that guards the driveway).

3953 Jordan Road, Jordan, Ontario, Canada, L0R 1S0


Dinner: Thursday to Sunday 5:30-9pm

Lunch: Saturday to Sunday 12-1:30pm


Thursday to Sunday 9am-5pm

Have you ever been on the outside looking in?